Hardys Supermarket to re open.

As reported by bisnis.tempo.co the Association of Indonesian Retail Entrepreneurs Bali (Aprindo) has announced that Hardys supermarket outlets will reopen after being closed and declared bankrupt by the Commercial Court of Surabaya earlier this year. "What is clear is that the resurgence process will have a positive impact on the retail world in Bali," said Aprindo Bali Secretary I Made Abdi Negara in Denpasar on Monday, June 25. According to Abdi, the process and preparation of Hardy's reopening has been completed. He hopes the reopening of the supermarket outlets will have a positive impact on the business, as Hardy controls about 27 percent of the market with outlets in nearly nine districts/cities in Bali. Abdi believes that when the company re-opens, the management first has to resolve the issues related to the workforce and liabilities to suppliers. For that, he continued, Aprindo Bali is ready to provide assistance again if necessary after previously had time to do mentoring for about three months. However, until now I Gede Agus Hardiawan as the founder of Hardys supermarket has not provided any information. Hardys Sanur is currently the last and only outlet that remains open. B


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